The Greatest Book Ever Written!

Each and every word, statement and claim Verified by The Most High, Himself!
The Whole and Ancient Truth you were never told and were FORBIDDEN to question!
Over 40% Translated out of Angelic, the Language of the Heavens.

Wisdom as Ancient as all Creation!

More Powerful than the Bible, Qur'an, Bhagavad Gita
Lankavatara Sutra, Upanishads and Tipitaka combined.
Exposing false prophets, Doctrines of Death and demonic-possessions
of Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, Ashkenazis, Buddhism,
Politicians, Priests, Preachers and other liars.



Title Paragraph
Copyright i
Holy Editors ii
Commentary From The Supreme Commandant 0072
Chapter One Does God Exist? 0112
      Protocols To All Living Souls 0118
      Instant Clairvoyance 0235
      How To Do It 0244
Chapter Two The Way It Began 0263
      Destruction Of The Ancient Temple Of The Sages 0337
      The Anointing!    0421
Chapter Three The Prison Routine 0469
Chapter Four The Holy Presence 0537
      The Holy Presence, The Most High Speaks 0586
Chapter Five The Proof Of The Anointing 0605
Chapter Six Justice, For Once 0647
Chapter Seven Power Emerges 0762
Chapter Eight True Justice, The Hard Way 0844
Chapter Nine One Understands 0894
Chapter Ten The Most High Teaches 0972
      Direct From The Most High 1000
Chapter Eleven The Fiddler's Payday 1148
Chapter Twelve The Lying Bastards Get The Message 1248
Chapter Thirteen The Price Of Playing God Gets Higher 1342
Chapter Fourteen God's Own Version 1405
      Direct From The Mouth Of God 1416
Chapter Fifteen Pathfinders, Elect Remnant 1833
      The Refuges 1842
Chapter Sixteen Aku Meets Immanuel 1909
Chapter Seventeen Fall Of The United States 1983
      Fall Of The United States 2001
      The Seven Parts Of The Final Sign 2043
Chapter Eighteen Immanuel Is Visible 2084
Chapter Nineteen The Way Of The Warrior 2292
      Death Of Aeshmodeva 2491
Chapter Twenty Immanuel Teaches 2577
Chapter Twenty-One The Most High Honors The Warriors 2696
      Confirms His Establishment Of El Aku's Authority 2704
Chapter Twenty-Two The Penalties 2790
      The Penalty Upon Individuals 2794
      Admonitions To Prevent Holocaust And Enslavement 2794
      The Penalty Upon The Nations 2810
Chapter Twenty-Three The Holy Oath 3141
      The Holy Oath 3160
      Direct Orders For The Elect 3167
      The Star Of Elohim 3238
Chapter Twenty-Four The Great Firelance 3335
      The Great Firelance 3422
Chapter Twenty-Five Lucifer, Son Of The Morning 3505
Chapter Twenty-Six The Test Comes 3566
Chapter Twenty-Seven A New Covenant With Aku 3595
Chapter Twenty-Eight Holocaust 3653
Chapter Twenty-Nine The Akurian Perspective 3816
Chapter Thirty Refuge:  The Kingdom Of Akuria 3913
Chapter Thirty-One The Enslaver:  Patient, But Sneaky Bastards 3994
Chapter Thirty-Two The Stranglehold Begins 4075
Chapter Thirty-Three The Tentacles Of Enslavement Spread 4107
Chapter Thirty-Four Ancient Scams, Today's Disguises 4245
      Programmed Ignorance By Design 4249
      Legislated Enslavement 4258
Chapter Thirty-Five Today's Programmed Stupid Fool 4309
      The Trap Slams Shut 4339
Chapter Thirty-Six The Grand Plan Of Total Global Enslavement 4379
      From Enslavement To Armageddon 4399
Chapter Thirty-Seven Direct Orders From The Most High 4442
      April 23rd, 1985 GCAD 4450
      April 24th, 1985 GCAD 4545
      April 25th, 1985 GCAD 4708
      May 1st, 1985 4858
      May 1st, 1985 4998
      D E C L A R A T I O N 5050
Chapter Thirty-Eight The Other Three Horsemen Testify 5069
      Seraphim Amatraelonael Of The Holy Presence 5608
Chapter Thirty-Nine Questions And Answers 5623
      The Absolutes From The Most High 6495
Chapter Forty The Curse Of Noah Upon Canaan 7028
      The Great Curse Of Noah Upon Canaan 7052
      The Most High's Account Of The Great Curse Upon Cush 7158
      The Great Curse Of The Most High Upon Cush 7245
      Mercy For All Mixed Race People 7291
      The Process Of Restoration Of Purification 7301
Chapter Forty-One Astral Projection "Up In The Spirit" Without Dying 7340
      The Planes Of Heaven 7355
      The Depths Of Hell 7378
      The Akashic Records The Holy Scripts 7403
      The Physical Practice 7450
      The Spiritual Practice 7470
      Warning!   Warning!   Warning!    7492
      A Prime Example 7518
Chapter Forty-Two How To Test The Proof Of The Anointing 7540
      Final Preparation 7597
      Some Past Anointeds 7617
      Coming Global Enslavement And Holocaust 7626
      The Living Anointed 7653
      How To Test The Proof Of The Anointing 7770
      Verbatim Transcript, Proof Of The Anointing 7785
Chapter Forty-Three The Protocols 7832
      Understanding The Protocols To Mankind 7843
      Essence Of The Protocols To The Four Horsemen 7851
      Essence Of The Protocols To The Anointeds 7896
      Essence Of The Protocols To The Seven Swords 7918
      Essence Of The Protocols To All Proven Knowers 7973
Chapter Forty-Four Protocols To Lord El Aku 8225
      Signs Of The Times 8418
      Essence Of The Protocols To Purify The Races 8680
Chapter Forty-Five Commentary On The Protocols By The Anointed 8958
      Epilog, By Command Marshal General D. Chylon Budagher 9162
      Book of It!  FirePower TRUTH found nowhere else.
      Letter of Comfort, June 27th, 1975
      The Holy Oath (reprint)
      Affidavit Of Oath
      About The Akurians!
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      Frequently Asked Questions, Magazines, WebSites and Tools
      Contact the Akurians, Magazines, WebSites and Tools

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